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Solo Artists

Rockin' Your world with just one dude.

From a grass roots, hometown, festival playin', rock n' roll, Americana guy to an event DJ that likes to get loose with his crowds and teach them how to  dance, we've got solo acts that may be all your event needs!

Steve Anderson is a rock n' roll, grass roots artist, playing familiar songs from the heartland of America.  Growing up in the midwestern the 80's, he was influenced by artists like John Cougar Mellencamp, Elvis Presley, and U2.  His thoughtful music has been described as "contemplative, life experiences told through a Memphis sound." They are grounded and real. And, the interesting stories and philosophies he talks about between songs gives the audience the gifts of hope, optimism, and love from a guy who just loves to perform, either solo or with his back-up band.

Steve Anderson - Americana singer/songwriter

DJ Royce

A family-friendly DJ who likes to have fun, dance with the crowd, and display synced video walls behind his jam.

Audience at a Concert
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