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Jimmy Sport - Playing Soccer is Fun!

Jimmy Sport - Playing Soccer is Fun!

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Award-winning video teaching children how to play soccer through songs, exercises, and fun, and a big dog named, "Jimmy!"  30 minutes



- 5 out of 5 stars! Jimmy Sport teaches children from 2 to 8 years old all about playing soccer. Jimmy is a great big lovable dog that can teach you all about sports. In this video Jimmy tells all about soccer including rules, equipment, safety tips, and how to play the game. Plus the music is great. All will enjoy watching Jimmy Sport. - Family Seal of Approval - Dove Foundation.

- iparenting award winner! "The interaction outside was especially appealing to my son. He was excited to actually see the kids run around outside. He's familiar with soccer balls and was excited to see them and learn more. I think this is a good, basic tool for teaching kids about soccer. The positive characteristics of this DVD was that it used the character Jimmy Sport. The children became more interested once he appeared. I liked how the DVD shows how sports can be made fun.  This is a great DVD for kids who already have an interest in soccer and to spark an interest in those that don't. The setting, situations and dialogue seemed very believable. The addition of Jimmy Sport makes this different from most sport-related instructional videos. Teamwork is emphasized, as well as basic skills and exercise."- iParenting Media Award Reviewer


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